I'm Sarah Wiseman and I am a Post Doc Teaching and Research fellow working on Human Computer Interaction at Goldsmiths, University of London. Within HCI, my interests lie in understanding more about data entry and errors and investigating the use of haptic technologies to improve cultural experiences for people with visual impairments. I've also begun exploring citizen science, and how that might be a useful tool when recruiting for HCI experiments.

I enjoy making and do a lot of physical computing experimentation in my spare time. Look at my Projects page for an overview of some of my recent pieces.

I really enjoy talking about research, and have done stand-up comedy based on it. I like engaging people with science and other interesting ideas.


18/06/16: I'll be talking at the Royal Insitution Computer Science Masterclass Celebration event!

28/06/16: Talking on a panel and giving a lecture on academic life at the Royal Insitution Careers Day.

01/09/16: Excited to be talking at the Intergo Human Factors Consultancy Celebration Symposium in Utrecht!