Here's a collection of the times I've talked to various media outlets about my research.


21/08/12 - Daily Mail

After reading a previous article on bank transfers going wrong, I wrote to the journalist to thank her for an interesting piece, and to give her more information about number entry error should she be interested. The article was so popular, that she wrote a follow up article, and contacted me for more information, which later appeared in the article. Article here.

11/06/13 - Pioneer Magazine

I was given the opportunity to write about my Bright Club experience for the EPSRC's Pioneer magazine. The article (along with a snazzy photo) appeared in June 2013's issue, article here. The piece is on page 36.


10/04/12 - BBC Word Of Mouth

The radio 4 programme Word Of Mouth were at the first Bright Club gig I performed at. The subsequent interview I did can be found in one of the episodes. You can hear me speaking in a small group at 7:20 and then the intro of my set can be heard from 11:50. At 26:30 you can hear the end of my set and then an interview straight after it (I'm slightly high on adrenaline, I think you can tell). Radio show here.

15/08/13 - LSE Audible Impact Blog

I was asked to chat about the experience of performing at Bright Club to the LSE Audible Impact blog. It was useful to reflect on the process and work out what I learnt from doing it. Here is the podcast website. I speak from 06:33 - 13:40.


As a result of my mention in the Mail Online article, Watchdog contacted me when they were doing a piece on bank transfer errors. In this clip, I talk about the fact that humans are inherently error prone, and that when it comes to reading numbers, it may be harder than reading words due to the rules involved in word creation, compared to those used in number creation. Clip here.