I have a thorough and data driven approach to consultancy, gained during my extensive HCI PhD research. As a consultant I am able to offer scientific insights into industrial problems, producing experimental designs of a very high quality with statistically testable results.

I am able to consult on a wide range of HCI topics. I specialise in matters of data entry and user error analysis.


HCI/UX skills:

Technical skills:



Dr Wiseman consulted with Adaptive Lab on a research project in which user error played a significant role. Her varied contributions to the project were invaluable. She delivered a concise briefing that synthesised all relevant academic research, clearly highlighting how it was relevant to our work. The project included a piece of large scale remote online research, of a format the project team was unfamiliar with. Dr Wiseman's guidance enabled us to run this new kind of study without hiccups. Her rigour in interpreting results helped to ensure that our final recommendations were supported by robust evidence. Throughout the project, her communication was clear and prompt and her enthusiasm infectious. I would have no hesistation recommend Dr Wiseman to anyone running a design or research project in her areas of expertise.

---Kat Matfield, Service Designer and Project Lead at Adaptive Labs